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Running my own little instance.
I love to read, write, ride a bicycle and a motorcycle. On my computers I mostly run BSD. I love Gopher and small websites.

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matto honked 30 Nov 2023 11:32 +0000

Every Bitcoin payment 'uses a swimming pool of water'

Bitcoin consumed nearly 1,600 billion litres of water in 2021, in 2023 figure could be more than 2,200.

Bitcoin payments consume so much water to power and cool the millions of computers worldwide Bitcoin relies on. Also it requires huge amounts of electricity, almost the same as the entire country of Poland.

#Bitcoin #Environment #WaterWaste #EnergyWaste


matto honked 30 Nov 2023 10:16 +0000

Five SUVs used up to 13% more fuel in real-world test than reported in lab

The Real-World Testing Program compares fuel consumption and emissions of vehicles in driving conditions to laboratory test results.

Previous research around the world has also shown a gap between laboratory and real-world performance of new vehicles.

#SUV #Corruption #FuelConsumption #CarIndustry


matto bonked 28 Nov 2023 07:33 +0000
original: CelloMomOnCars@mastodon.social

"This includes large, heavy electric SUVs – while they have zero tailpipe emissions, they also have enormous #battery and energy demands, not to mention the fact they kill more pedestrians than any other vehicle.

To turn this around, the report calls for governments to set caps on vehicle size (on hybrid and electric as well as ICE) to reverse the SUV trend and help accelerate the shift to smaller #EVs#Paris is proposing one such restriction right now."